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In a referendum 62% of voters voted against the draft document. Not one of Chile’s 16 regions approved it

"Common sense triumphs as Chileans reject a new constitution"
"The landslide result is a blow to the recently elected leftist government"

Alexandra Lains 🇺🇸

Being a free thinker makes you an extremist in Joe Biden’s America.

Nothing about that dictator-inspired speech was unifying, and it should concern every American.

Vote libetarian because the republicans voted unanimously to gut the stuff for the taxpayers while leaving all the pork for corporations.

but rather because they correctly perceive which way the wind is blowing and they don’t want to challenge the totalitarian regime and be punished for doing so. They are not hypnotized or under any other kind of spell. It’s pure survival instinct."

I realize my view upsets a lot of people because they want to believe that we are all fundamentally capable of resisting the rise of a clearly ultra-authoritarian or totalitarian ruling system, but we’re not, not all of us.

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Dissident Dialogues: CJ Hopkins:

"Totalitarianism can be imposed on any society if the government, or whatever structure rules it, controls the essential elements of power (i.e., the military, the police, the media, the culture industry, etc.). Once the transition to totalitarianism begins, you can count on roughly two thirds of the society either embracing it or acquiescing to it, not because they are in some vulnerable psychological state,

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