Sandman here is correct.

allowed me to self realize.
Not even the sky is the limit now, because I learned flying. More doing what I did scares the shit out of some.

Ok... There are plenty of guys on the Reddit just fucking hating on women too...🙄

And that dear children is the reason why the US hasn't been to the moon in 50 years.
Everyone who's not too retarded for solving the rocket equation (folks from project paper clip) has died from old age. 😂
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Will overtrump ?


Thanks for showing me, that I'm not the only person left on this planet who can read science papers! 🤗

RT Uh oh. Someone didn't get their paycheck...

Kaufland.... alle Regale leer

Edeka... alles normal, alles noch da

Und wenn man das Klientel der beiden Läden hier ins Worms kennt....

ach schon gut.

Buahaha 😂😂😂
My past 7 years work experience summarized😂😂
"Hey Laoban, think I should run this by a native speaker for proofreading?"

"Why start now?"

Du kannst dir auch hier ein Handy selber zusammen bauen, effektiv momentan eher als dort, weil die ganze Industrie still steht.
Heissluftföhn, Kapton, Lötmaske und Bauteile von Aliexpress.
Layout machste am besten mit KiCAD.
Alle CN-PCB fabs sind offline im Moment.
Ich kann für 500€ nach China fliegen und mir dort für 300€ ein Handy selber zusammenbauen. Und hier krieg ich nicht mal meh…

RT Ya hear that, Johnson? Sped-up Anna doesn't want your trilogy! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

RT you have to check out the Taylor Swift The Man music video. It will be cringe inducing.

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Corona, Nazis, Kriege,... manchmal ist mein Twitter nur schwer zu ertragen.

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1. Kennedy banned from set
2. A week later, Spielburg out and Mangold directing Indiana Jones & some Mandalorian
3. Mangold WAS the director for 2018 Boba Fett film..cancelled by Kennedy to promote Mandalorian.

I see something there. Do you?

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