@thatguyoverthere @mrman No. I'm right now training an artificial general intelligence with all the Libertarian literature in existence, after that I'll install it in indestructible killer robots and task it with enforcing the NAP.

RT @VailshireCap
"You Americans can barely afford to pay for gas, groceries, rent & whatnot. So here's what we're going to do.

We're going to raise rates so that your loans are even more unaffordable.

We'll destroy business economics so you get fired... then evicted."

- The Fed, paraphrased

In a referendum 62% of voters voted against the draft document. Not one of Chile’s 16 regions approved it

"Common sense triumphs as Chileans reject a new constitution"
"The landslide result is a blow to the recently elected leftist government"


Alexandra Lains 🇺🇸

Being a free thinker makes you an extremist in Joe Biden’s America.

Nothing about that dictator-inspired speech was unifying, and it should concern every American.


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