California Sheriffs Give Democrat Newsom A Huge Middle Finger, REFUSE To... via @YouTube

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@BoundingComics When will Kathleen Kennedy be arrested for impersonating a producer? 😂

Star Trek Discovery Fans REVOLT & Get SILENCED on Official Trek Reddit via @YouTube

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the 2 for $5 is the best gift this holiday season. why?
- we wrap it for you.
- you won’t want to regift this.
- saves you from eating your brother's gross casserole
(sorry cameron)

I got blocked by Serbian mercenaries on Twitter.
How has you day been?😂

Hmm. Part of me is still really tempted to sign up for this Serbian mercenary certification.🤔

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At 1:36 am in Georgia, Biden received 225,196 votes and it just so correlates with the video released yesterday. Gotcha.

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Now, let’s get these videos from the other states and this crime is solved.

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The Fuck??

"A trial judge raised the possibility that another federal judge overseeing Michael Flynn’s case could find that President Donald Trump’s pardon of Flynn is too broad"

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