Hey @vicmignogna@twitter.com!
Yesterday, on @Drunk3P0@twitter.com's stream, @ginacarano@twitter.com said that she would love to organize a fan convention together with @GeeksGamersCom@twitter.com and in general. Would you be in Vic?😁🤗

That show is still running?🤨
I could imagine many more constructive uses for this tax payer money🤔😌

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Jodie Whittaker Exterminate Shocker!!! Is The Doctor Who To be Regenerated by Daleks???

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STOP all the infighting and public drama! The access media is just loving this. These disputes need to be dealt with privately. Solidarity and professionalism are key.

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Exactly @ZackSnyder@twitter.com!

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When a community of good people organize an opportunity for Zack Snyder to help raise money for an issue that’s close to him, he repays them by equating them with hatred and racism.

I knew I never liked the guy for a reason.

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Okay , I need your help. I am working on a list for TFMV2.

There may be TFM YouTubers I missed in 2018. It doesn't matter if they no longer rep the #. Everyone who spoke up during backlash should be mentioned.

Who might I have missed?

is the true resistance, and @ginacarano is our princess Leia!!🥰🥰
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The are the true rebel fighters & Kathleen Kennedy’s horde are the Empire’s rejects. twitter.com/hamillhimself/stat

Is this woman cussing and screaming from afar maybe Kathleen Kennedy observing right now how Gina Carano interacts with her fans and how basically the entire is now worshiping Gina?🤔😆

Invite yourself onto any of channels ANY time you want!🥰💞
We love you Gina!🥰💞🥰
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@Drunk3P0 Me inviting myself on @Drunk3P0 channel.
Me: Hey! Wanna chat?!
Jay: When?
Me: Now!
Jay: Am I in trouble?

What IF the situation with Gina is 100% calculated by Disney and this "apology story" is just another trick to make us more sympathetic?
What if Disney decided to use her as their "secret weapon" to finally get to pay them money again?🤔

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I really enjoyed this weeks Mandalorian episode. @ginacarano kicked some ass and killed a whole bunch of stormtroopers. Also liked that Boba gave his armour a fresh coat of paint!

Hey @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @EricTrump!
In last nights @YouTube live stream we suddenly had moderators from @Google deleting comments+kicking the host from the chat.
Also at least one person, @TheGoodTomKing, who's working for the @CIA was present. (1/2)

A page about periods in StarWars🤦🤦
Wookipedia also has a page about how we would be a hate group. This page has become totally irrelevant.
Maybe I should setup our own wiki?🤔
What do you think @Lodonis?
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What the actual fuck ⁦@Disney⁩ ⁦@starwars⁩, you really needed to make a Wookieepedia page about fucking periods?!? You’ve told us over & over again Star Wars is “for kids” this definitely is …

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To me, it’s an amalgamation of some truly amazing people that are fed up/disgusted with how the industry is treating pop culture.

They’ve disparaged not only our beloved franchises, but also us - the fans. They don’t care about what we say...

I mean has a page on already for quite a while, claiming we'd be a hate group... I honestly don't think will make ANY difference, it's all on the level of a 16 year old spray painting a penis somewhere on a wall.

Hey @RandomMnky!
Wanna go onto @Timcast's IRL podcast and present , talking about what's going on with demonetization and ?😉
He also loves Magic the Gathering and DnD!😁
He now lives where The Blair Witch Project was filmed!😁

You might wanna rework the classification for the ones you still refuse to take off your list and add another tag... instead of just "Right"... people then can decide whether they wanna watch videos from our group.


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