I'm right now listening Tim Pool with blue tooth headphones I bought from a small mall electronics shop, like the ones in , I was working at, and it will soon close, because they're going broke, and that makes me angry.🤬

, a craft brewery, has an absolutely fantastic IPA. I LOVE this spicy hop😋
Also: They don't pasteurize their beers, so I'm right now cultivating a wort from it😁

That lab asked me how cheap I could get them a semiconductor furnace.
Here someone built one from clay/dirt available for free in the forest.🤷

Primitive Technology: Natural Draft Furnace youtu.be/u7wAJTGl2gc via @YouTube

Watching in helped.
Now I know you can literally translate it.😁
aka. I've learned:
"Atravessamos essa ponte quando chegarmos a esse ponto."

So, the 21st amendment says, you first gotta sue against unjust things, and if that fails, you're allowed to defend yourself.
So let's sue against and attempts to introduce the .

OK. So I had a discussion today, and basically the goals of the government and my goals align.
I wanna create more innovation and industry, the lab I'm talking to was created for that purpose.
That HAS to work.

Folks. I think I've gotta learn ASAP and need to help fight , in order to help prevent those famous Peaceful Protests™.
"It can't happen here" is wishful thinking and I had enough combat for a lifetime...

is still easier than ... But women... If their language wouldn't be so complicated the world would probably swarming with beauties by now LOL

Damn. I really need to learn and get into the politics here...

So is dominated by , is a , the is a police state and is already leaving the again.
Seriously. is in a much better shape politically and ethically.
I'm really just here because I'm into women.🤷😂

Life goals: A girlfriend smart&beautiful like Anna TSWG, some Baby Goats, a farm FOR the BABY GOATS, a shed, where I can build stuff, you know, like Rick does, in , just that I'd take my wife along for the ride... Am I asking too much from life?🤷

TODAY I've learned the most important word in : Cabrinho(s)


BABY GOATS!!!!🥰🙌💔😭🥰🥰 (@vecirex Your parents now know that I want a farm with baby goats!)

I wanna hold them, and cuddle them, feed them grass+salt, cuddle them more!😭

Hey @BurgerKing!
Another burger take!

"The Ewok Queen with extra cheese."🙌

The Linuiça are covered with another layer of cheese.
Because @thatstarwarsgrl says there's no such thing as too much cheese, and it's true😌

Is she single?🤔
Just kidding😂
But... Girls with guns...🤔
Nah. I rather wanna have a cute police girl.
Much better!🙌🥰
RT @nypost
Afghan teen kills Taliban fighters after they murdered her parents trib.al/iFfJjAe

Anna for president!
I mean... When the US already gets its first female president she should at least be hot. It's not Germany, you know?😉😂
Also, the US says they're ahead everywhere!
BUT the government has more cute women than the US!

同志 I'm so dark and strong, I'd probably would get laid by Captain Kathryn Janeway herself.
Although I'd prefer B'elanna Torres, who's part Latina and part Klingon, which makes her .
Also I'd totally love to have Gagh on the wedding menu.😂
RT @XanozIchimonji
What coffee drink is you as a person? I'm a caramel macchiato with almond milk 🤤

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