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Fellow , who do you want to win the US ?

After suffering the consequences of COVID in my state, I don’t feel so good about the current administration tbh...

Interested in hearing your thoughts...

YES! I totally agree with my hypothetical e-thot self here! 👏😀
Defend straight white men!
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Support Transgender Women

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Why I stopped holding the door for women, unless 60+.

Last year, I held the door for a women, but she yelled in my ear, screaming "I can do it myself". I was really shocked that a women would go full psycho mode simply because i was being a gentleman.

I did this for the last decade.
It paid off.
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quote from Wilbur Wright

-It’s interesting what can happen when you invest your time and energy into something that you believe in strongly. And look where we are now.

-Imagine if you invested that much passion into yourself.

-What potential would you have then?

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-Respect is a two-way street, make sure it stay that way

-Be mindful of your relationships

-How do you treat others?

-How do others treat you?

Or just men going their own way, looking for new challenges for improving and self realizing themselves.

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Agreed. I made the mistake when I was 18 to listen to some conman shithead because I would have given everything to have had the first time with someone very specific. is bullcrap.

makes you more attractive actually.
Women don't want a dog, they want a man.
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If you really wanna know if work then ask an incel who follows pua if it has made a difference In their lives

I’ll wait cause so far I’ve nev…

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On this day 3 years ago, I uploaded my first Academy video to YouTube. Time sure flies don’t it?

And today, I’d like to take the time to thank you all and look forward to our brighter future 🥂

Thank you for 3 years: youtu.be/1L4ugkgMIG8

You know what's funny?
If you look at the pics of those "activists", you can always spot titts in the front row of the rioters.
We spot this bullshit from miles away, because we don't have the *need* to get into anyone's pants.
That's what scares people about
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@Breaking911 @MGTOW_Germany Yeah, good luck with that

Admittedly I've got kind of a weakness for beautiful Mediterranean women (especially ones), but as I've learned to control myself to a degree that I can draw the line at some point and not end up like one of those thirsty onlyfans boys or that psycho. (7/7)

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If you hear of someon, @TheQuartering, who has such problems, maybe forward him to @SandmanMGTOW and me. Being doesn't mean to be blind to women, but to become a full grown man and learn to deal with such temptations and not fall into such holes wether online or RL (6/?)

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I told her that she's dividing the fandom even more with this toxic shit than it already is.
So I got blocked by her and her personal simp @MediaHobby.
I decided to let Twitter decide whether it's impersonation.
in my profile means I don't have the patience for bitching.
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I wonder what I've got to do in order to get blocked by Anita Sarkeesian.🤔
* hastag in my profile✅
* Quote-tweeted her with the meme✅

According to all the >98% matches are feminists. Maybe she's into me and that's why I ain't getting blocked?🤔

I never gave a shit.
My life ain't over just because I'm not famous.
I invested my time into self-realization.
Because at the end of the day, all that counts, is that you're satisfied with yourself.
Stop depending on the opinion of others.
Go your own way.
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how old were u when u realized all the new famous people were younger than u and your life was over

Something, folks never had on this hashtag : hearth ejaculation/a mind ejaculation.
That's what I intend by going to .
Building the most awesome shit together, with the most beautiful woman, I ever met in my life. It's , the best country in the world.

I'm actually right now angry because her statement is degrading to women...🤨
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Because it's so progressive to suggest that women just are there for cleaning.
Is she aware that she right now said something where all the "classic housewife" folks from reddit would nod? What party was she again? Please remind me? twitter.com/MikeyMgtow/status/

Because it's so progressive to suggest that women just are there for cleaning.
Is she aware that she right now said something where all the "classic housewife" folks from reddit would nod? What party was she again? Please remind me?
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“I have a vagina...vote for me.” twitter.com/prisonplanet/statu

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