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Whenever you make people argue, and then they look the answer up on DuckDuckGo, and then they find out that they both were wrong, make peace and start questioning everything.
That shadow in the corner of your eye, with this beautiful black wavy hair, smiling at you. THAT's my goddess. THAT's Eris.🥰

τῇ καλλίστῃ😌🙏🍏

Recession intensifies as US adds 528,000 jobs in July.
jobs are probably for people who need a second job because they need more money because of the recession.

About the Indiana hero who stopped a mass-shooting, he would have been lawfully carrying a gun even if he didn't have a license because Indiana supports Constitutional Carry since July 1.

Also, Indiana (and my own state of Kentucky) does not have laws over "no guns" signs for non-government places. So the most a store can do is ask you to leave and charge you for trespassing if you refuse. But in Ohio, those signs are legally enforced, so violating them _is_ a crime.


under the impression that people trying to be the most inclusive often leads up to them being the most exclusive


Isn't that the system we want to emulate? So is that what they mean when they say eliminate the poor and their suffering?

Author Charles Camosy criticizes Canada's euthanasia laws which allow for euthanizing people if they are "too poor to continue living with dignity":

"Canada's policies are seen for what they are."

Between the plum curculio attacks and raccoons, I haven't been able to have a "Black Boy Peach" yet. Hopefully this year. The tree is loaded.🤞

"The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury."
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

I'm now trying for already a week, to create a 3D model of my ava snake in Blender, so that I can use it with rigging for animating it talking, instead of filming myself in my YT videos... Blender is sooo complicated...😕

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