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Whenever you make people argue, and then they look the answer up on DuckDuckGo, and then they find out that they both were wrong, make peace and start questioning everything.
That shadow in the corner of your eye, with this beautiful black wavy hair, smiling at you. THAT's my goddess. THAT's Eris.🥰

τῇ καλλίστῃ😌🙏🍏

Took delivery of our quarter beef today. I know what's for dinner the next couple months.

We are not here to board up small businesses because family owners desperate to remain financially afloat choose to operate in defiance of politicians exercising unjust, arbitrary, and completely capricious powers that they do not legally possess.  We are not here to shun those who refuse forced injections of foreign substances, to lock our doors when they are near, to disinvite them from family gatherings, or to vilify them as "unclean" and "unworthy" of life.  

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We are not here to silence those who have different opinions by censoring their words and prejudiciously labeling their arguments as "misinformation."  This is not the purpose of our existence.

Yet it is entirely too clear that for a large number of Westerners, this kind of COVID authoritarianism has been tantalizingly appealing.  After governments declared a public health crisis nearly three years ago, far too many people were willing to turn life upside-down.  

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Boys, if she can’t decide where she wants to eat do you think she’ll ever decide who to spend her life with

pineapple pizza update: it was super delish :blobthumbsup:

Was soll ich sagen:

- Missachtung des Rechtsfahrgebot
- Nötigung
- potenziell gefährlicher Eingriff in den Straßenverkehr

Ich würde sagen, das reicht hoffentlich für einen kleinen Aufenthalt im Knast.

Aber: Das sind ja die Guten. Die dürfen natürlich alles. hab ich ganz vergessen.

#WirSindDieGuten #WirDürfenAlles #GesetzeGeltenNichtFürUns

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"You Americans can barely afford to pay for gas, groceries, rent & whatnot. So here's what we're going to do.

We're going to raise rates so that your loans are even more unaffordable.

We'll destroy business economics so you get fired... then evicted."

- The Fed, paraphrased

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