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Notice "guy in Florida" != Florida man.
Clearly a tourist. We natives know better.

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How to have feminist sex:


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Nichts geht über knallharte Recherche und umfangreiche Allgemeinbildung!

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WhatsApp mit Mom:

"Mein PC geht nicht."
"Was geht denn nicht?"
"Der PC."
"Was kam denn genau?"
"Eine Fehlermeldung."
"Was stand dort?"
"Weiß ich nicht. Hab ich weggeklickt."

Sie kennen das!

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gotta admit this is way cooler than the tide pods twitter.com/gizmodo/status/122

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Und manchmal denkt man dann, ach, lassen wir das mit der Aufklärung.... *heult

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You can pay using @taler@twitter.com in CHF at the Cyber Economic Forum now!

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My friend is in Israel and ordered “A pizza with chicken on it.”

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You’ve obviously never seen the show or you’d know about her MULTIPLE love interests. Spoiler alert they’re all MEN! twitter.com/FUCKREYLORIGHTS/st

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@Merryb2184@twitter.com @AlorhaBaga@twitter.com @mynerdyhome@twitter.com @Drunk3P0@twitter.com @thattugglife@twitter.com

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Boomercons are using anime gifs they don't know or understand. This is why we need gatekeeping.

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One more time before I finally pass out if you'd like to support me being on the variant cover for @dickandcomix@twitter.com's CASH GRAB donate here! (someone suggested if I get it to have @comickelsey@twitter.com draw me in a slave Leia costume which I think is a great idea) gofundme.com/f/an88ds-help-me-

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