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This goes out to @kristanovva

You know the rules and so do I...

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Walmart just gave 100 million $$ to BLM, don't spend another DOLLAR there!!!

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Is a Tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

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@kristanovva Nevermind. Both pineapple pizza lovers and haters must combine to FIGHT THIS ATROCITY!🤢 twitter.com/Symfuhny/status/12

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@Drunk3P0 Got your back, Drunk. Always.

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@GeeksGamersCom Can someone please explain diversity to these people because what they want is the complete opposite?

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I have a friend who is lactose intolerant and he made me eat one of these once. Never again. I needz my cheez. twitter.com/Symfuhny/status/12

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@waytoomuchbeer Pizza without cheese, is like beer without alcohol. Distasteful.

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Just because you see a screenshot of some public figure saying stupid it doesn't necessarily mean they really said it, come on guys! 😅

Also, I've been thinking for a while that every tweet should be linked to a hash that is part of a blockchain, to cut down on misinformation.

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AOC is a human representation of the phrase “As per my last email...”

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wheeler joins illegal rioters and should be arrested and removed from office twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/

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@TrekAntics I want a Raktajino!! Everyone on DS9 was always drinking them...

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Don’t know why but woke up feeling twelve today! Have a fun filled weekend. 🤗🤗 ⁦@TheOrville⁩ ⁦@hulu⁩

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Drinker actually explains in the video that it's a commonly used argument and he wants to explore the claim.

Shockingly, his counter isn't: Rey = Woman = Bad

He discusses the films in the video, sounds like you are a toxic fan that can't handle people's opinions.🤷‍♂️ twitter.com/ATATChat/status/12

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