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Yes. Every decision they make is their choice. If they chose to do something good they can. Palpatine chose to be nice to Anakin and become a father figure to him. He had other motives but he was still capable of it. twitter.com/DraconianFlame/sta

Buahaha! 🤣🤣🤣
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@leviathanch I mean, if you identify as basketball, you kinda have to "commit to the game" bro. 😂🏀

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@thatstarwarsgrl@twitter.com @leviathanch@twitter.com @YouTube@twitter.com Star Trek and science fiction are not about promoting people's social agendas and making sure everyone has the "correct" political and social opinions.

The more people keep trying to shove this SJW agenda down our throats the more resistance they will get.

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What STAR WARS game would you like to see me play next? (keep in mind aside from Sims 2/3 I have never played a game on a PC before so I'll probably be terrible. Also I cannot play 1st person shooter type games)

OK. Since I'm anyway already called racist by nutjobs for talking about cultural issues in and , I figured, I just share this, because it's too good!
I was laughing my shit off!!! 🤣🤣


But I'm glad it's not the Zombie apocalypse, I would like to get bitten way more than I should 😅🤣

This virus spreads through droplet infection. Eh?
Makes it quite difficult here in , because the girls are sooo beautiful, most of the time, that it's difficult to talk dry, because of the self control required to not drool.

Make happen @dickandcomix@twitter.com !!one!eleven!🤣🤣

If anyone of us would die from , at least we've seen @thatstarwarsgrl@twitter.com rant in her hottest dress so far. So... We can go in peace... We could even say... in (common @dickandcomix@twitter.com 🤣)

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Ok @TwitterSupport@twitter.com your app gets slower and slower.
It's the over abused internet lately im sure.
Just a statement of facts.

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Ich bin dann jetzt vollzeit Angestellter 😊

Die Firma ist sehr begeistert von mir, und moechte sehr gerne weiter mit mir zusammen arbeiten. 🥰

Was soll ich sagen:
Nimm das ! 💪

Important notice from an experienced
(Agreed @TheCriticalDri2@twitter.com?)

* Corona Extra does NOT cause
* Caipirinha does NOT cause
* Sex on the beach can NOT give you

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@leviathanch@twitter.com @SpiralStaircas6@twitter.com @Yawgmothx@twitter.com There’s a trick question we ask new managers: “Why does this company exist?”. Some frame the answer about the product, the community, or get weird trying to be clever. The answer is “To Make Money”. Without that, no company lasts very long. Marvel’s getting welfare from the MCU.

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A No shit Sherlock EVERYONE knows that. Me leaving out of a tweet does not mean it does not exist. B It was not meaningless it was built up over seasons. 7 even chose him to simulate a relationship in holo form. All of her relationships have been with men. This was shoehorned in twitter.com/msannalisha/status

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